Tree Nursery

Tree NurseryIn February of 2019, we will begin our pilot tree nursery project in the village of Kajire, Taita county. Deforestation in the area has led to the land becoming increasingly arid, which adds to the issue of water security in the villages as well as in the park. In addition to that, trees are an important habitat for many animals such as monkeys and birds and their populations have been declining due to lack of forested areas. Planting trees in the communities and park will help with water retention, provide shade and habitat and store carbon which can help mitigate the effects of climate change.

The nursery will be constructed in the public school as a way to incorporate environmental education into the curriculum and actively involve students in growing, caring for, and planting trees in the community. We will be growing species of trees native to the area, and initially planting them in areas allocated for reforestation by the community, as well as encouraging individuals to plant trees on their property. The nursery will have the capacity to grow approximately 10,000 trees, and we expect this tree nursery to provide enough trees to supply sever surrounding communities.

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