Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua: Founder, Director

Patrick Kilonzo MwaluaPatrick Kilonzo Mwalua was born in a rural village in Taita county, an area dominated by wildlife parks, sanctuaries and ranches populated by a wide variety of animals. From a very young age, he had many encounters with animals such as elephants, lions, buffalo, and antelope while travelling to school or tending his father’s cattle, and he began to develop a deep respect and passion for animals. As he grew up, Patrick noticed changes in his village that were affecting wildlife, such as cutting down trees, and though he saw how detrimental it was, he did not feel that he was capable of helping at the time.

After high school, Patrick went on to complete training in animal healthcare and later worked with a conservation organization as a community officer. Eventually, Patrick realized that every individual has the capacity to help wildlife, and, building off his experience and passion, he began the Water for Elephants project. After three years of working on water, he registered the Mwalua Wildlife Trust.




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