Community Garden

Community GardenMuch of the farmed land in communities around the parks and sanctuaries is several kilometres from the villages, close to the areas where wildlife lives. This is typically where privately-owned plots of land are, where families grow food through subsistence farming. Unfortunately, being closer to wildlife means more opportunity for conflict and many people have had very negative experiences with wildlife. A group of elephants can destroy the crops of several farms in one evening, which is devastating to families that rely entirely on that food source.

We would like to work towards a solution that reduces this conflict while empowering people to grow food in a sustainable, ecologically responsible way. For this we are working towards community gardens in areas of vacant land within the community that community members will farm collaboratively. Using water from the rock catchment to ensure sufficient crop yields from the farm and having the farms in close proximity to the village means the community will be able to monitor that land and deter animal activity.

We are also looking into the viability of growing crops that are not eaten by elephants, such as chili peppers and sunflowers, that people can grow on their farms. We are investigating the processing and marketing of these products as a sustainable economic opportunity for community members.




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