Mwalua Wildlife Trust

Mwalua Wildlife Trust is a Kenyan founded and operated organization that works towards sustainable water solutions for human and wildlife communities in Tsavo ecosystem, Kenya. We are striving to create water management strategies that will supply water to wildlife in their habitats while promoting human-wildlife coexistence. We work together with communities to raise awareness about conservation, promote ecological restoration, and increase ethical economic opportunities to protect Kenya’s nature and biodiversity.

our work

Water Management 

Mwalua Wildlife Trust has a variety of water management projects that are working to improve the availability and sustainability

Community Projects 

Mwalua Wildlife Trust is working together with local communities on human-wildlife coexistence strategies


We believe that working together is the best way to achieve our goals; we offer several opportunities to participate in our work.



A well-planned, efficient water management system in Tsavo ecosystem that ensures protection of wildlife through access to water during drought and coexistence with local communities.


To create sustainable water access points for animals, improve Tsavo ecosystem through tree planting and environmental education, and encourage human wildlife coexistence through collaborative solutions such as finding alternative livelihoods for local people.


  • Building sustainable water management systems such as catchments, solar pumps, and storage tanks
  • Constructing strategically placed water access points for wildlife, such as mudholes and water pans, that efficiently utilize natural water sources
  • Responding in times of need by delivering trucks of water to water access points
  • Restoring natural habitat through tree planting
  • Working towards solutions to human-wildlife conflict through increased access to natural resources and improved agricultural practices
  • Developing opportunities for economic empowerment in rural communities
  • Expanding awareness about wildlife conservation and environmental protection in schools and communities
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